I’m struggling in the research process

I’m writing this to light a fire under my booty and to hold my future self accountable – there is no way I’m going to come on here in a few months and write a post about how I couldn’t finish my Master’s degree.

My research director is atypical of professors at French universities. From what I hear from friends and work and school colleagues of all nationalities, there is usually little to no guidance from one’s research director due to the large volume of students (PhD, Master’s, and License = Bachelor’s) under their direction. My directrice is constantly asking us to turn in bits of work, and she meets with us regularly to discuss our research. It’s always very helpful, but stressful since there is always a deadline. I know that I would leave most of the work until the end if she didn’t do this, but it doesn’t make it any less painful!

Reading and writing constantly in French is really difficult, but the worst part of all is every bit of progress I make, I realize how much more work I have to do. I guess that’s just how research is. I can’t believe some people do this their whole lives.

I took three lovely days off during our week of vacation last week to go to Dieppe in Normandy. I’m going to write a blog post as soon as I finish the 20 pages I need to turn in this week.

I want to go back here:


Lovely beach in Dieppe

Instead I am here:



Yay education!


2 thoughts on “I’m struggling in the research process

  1. You Got this!! Make lots of lists where you can cross off things completed and see the progression! Then, come to Moldova to celebrate 🙂 or I’ll come to you… we’ll chat!

    • Yes yes you are right! I love crossing thins off my lists, I think I might make a giant one for my wall. And yes I need a visit where we sing Revontulet and/or Moon Dance for funzies 😉

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