Library journey

This week, I had to go all the way across town because certain books that I need to read for my research are only accessible at a certain library. I feel annoyed that with all the technology we have, the Paris university system can’t be bothered to have more than one copy of a book in more than one location. Rar. Thus, I spent a whole afternoon going to Neuilly to read said books. At first I was super grumpy because OF COURSE the metro line I needed to take was randomly blocked off, and OF COURSE they only had signs indicating this after I’d hiked up and down stairs for 15 minutes. I normally don’t like to complain about the Paris metro, because in general it’s SO efficace and I love it, but this was just super annoying. I got even more pissed when I realized I had written down the wrong station and I could have come over on the 3 since the library was closer to Levallois than Neuilly. However, my attitude changed when I set out for my ten minute walk and saw the beautiful trees. It’s been raining a lot this spring, and it’s paid off! Say whatever you like about Neuilly being a boring rich suburb, it’s nice to walk through.



I had to take a picture of these (tiny, green, in the middle of the picture) signs – they show Boulogne-Billancourt and Levallois-Perret, which are the towns I lived and worked in when I moved here 3 years ago. In 2011, I had no idea that 3 years later I would be where I am now – so much has changed. It’s crazy! And these signs took me right back to that space. Trippy.

Nostalgic for my first days in Paris

Nostalgic for my first days in Paris


2 thoughts on “Library journey

  1. And you took ME down Memory Lane, since Neuilly was my last home in Paris, when I was even younger than you. Those green leafy trees, those boulevards, quiet, boring and beautiful! I ran for that last metro to the last stop in Neuilly many a time!

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