French lessons 1

« Je ne suis pas emballé ! »

Chat emballé

This is what one of my superiors wrote in an email to the rest of the team regarding something we’d submitted to him at my internship. It meant that he didn’t love what we’d sent, but it made me giggle because I instantly thought of him being wrapped up in plastic wrap. I’ve only known “emballé” to be used in the sense of being physically wrapped up, such as a gift or leftover food, but now I’ve learned another use of the word. I suppose it is similar to the English expressions of “being wrapped up” in something emotionally, but we wouldn’t have used it in this case.

***Please note that I am not a linguist and my only sources are dictionaries and French people. If you are a linguist or a member of the Académie française feel free to chime in!


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