I’ve always felt ambivalent about knitting – my aunt Lindy used to knit me the coolest sweaters when I was little that I would rock with spandex shorts. They were perfect in that they were soft and nubby, baggy and comfy but not falling off, and handmade. I always search thrift stores for this type of sweater but can never find one that’s quite right. She also made every member of our family our own personalized Christmas stockings. Knit stockings are the best because with every use they stretch out meaning MORE PRESENTS! 😉 So if I ever thought about knitting I associated it with pleasant family memories, but I never felt interested in doing it myself. My mom taught me basic knit and purl stitches on straight needles when I was little, so I have a basic foundation. I knit a few scarves here and there but it was so BORING that I never got hooked.

This yearly Christmas explosion is actually the handiwork of my Jewish father

This yearly Christmas explosion is actually the handiwork of my Jewish father

Lately I’ve been working at a cafe in Paris that specializes in hand-dyed yarns imported from anglo countries. (It is THE place in Paris to come knit and buy high-quality yarn. Check out the website here!) When I first started working, I didn’t truly see the yarns, mostly because I was busy trying to learn how to be a waitress – not a simple task. After I got comfortable in the job, I started paying attention to my colleagues’ expert string activities as well as the beautiful yarn that sits a few meters away from where I work. Every day, I would notice a new stunningly gorgeous and unique color, and when I realized we had a tiny little pile of Smooshy cashmere écheveaux I couldn’t stop finding excuses to caress my cheek with it. Slowly, I was drawn into the world of knitting. And let me tell you, there is no going back!

wearing the bandana cowl

wearing the bandana cowl

Since the winter I’ve made two hats, a funny little thing called a bandana cowl, and I’m working on my first shawl. I love knitting now because it combines several things I think are great – creativity, colors, small-scale production (although unfortunately not local in my case as we import from countries not close to France), hand-made things, and shopping! I’ve been able to make progress because I have a lot of guidance from my boss and coworker, but if you’re not lucky enough to work in a knitting shop, the online knitting community is great. Patterns are like food recipes – there are conventions in the writing of them, and once you learn the language, just follow the instructions and you should be ok! And, if ever you get stuck, there are plenty of instructional videos to be found on Youtube.

Color Affection shawl in progress - the third color will be pink, obviously

Color Affection shawl in progress – the third color will be pink, obviously

Now I have yet another hobby, and method of relaxation. Maybe soon I’ll be able to make myself the perfect baggy sweater.

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