Tasska (spécialités libanaises)


I NEED to share with the internet my love for this sandwich, found at a Lebanese restaurant in my coin.


It is a wrap with freshly cooked chicken, hummus, and an amazing crunch, sour condiment. The combo of the flavorful chicken with the mystery Lebanese sauerkraut is so addictive that the packaged bread they serve it on is forgiveable. Clearly I need to do some research on these components so I can get to cooking, but I wanted to get this out in the world! My plan is to befriend the woman who works there and ask for recipes so I can make my own. The last time I went in, she recognized me so I have made some progress on this front!


Until I succeed, I’ll be returning for my weekly €4.50 fix.

195, rue Crimée
75019 Paris
01 40 34 74 48
Métro Crimée, Line 7


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