Waxing in Paris

Yikes, I post way less often now, but I’m in grad school so what else can I say?

Now that I’ve been here for 2.5 years, and lived in 3 arrondissements plus a banlieue, I have established my favorite spots. I’ll try to start sharing some of them on here and I will condense them on a page called sweetmaddy’s Paris.

Waxing is more economical than shaving and if you are lazy it’s even better! Every 4-6 weeks is the only time you need to be dealing with unwanted hair. I have a splurge place and a cheap place.

Les anges ont la peau douce (“Angels have soft skin“)

Les anges ont la peau douce

Les anges ont la peau douce

This is a beautiful slice of heaven, which I think is the intention. This salon, located right near Parc Monceau, manages to stand out from the pack with great service, quality products, and beautiful and classy décor. The pristine white-panted employees are all professional, nice, and most importantly, quick. The house products are great and they also sell several brands that I’ve heard great things about (especially these nail polishes). I’ve only gone for waxing but the pedicure situation looks pretty fantastic.

Leading up to the waxing room - love these cloud rugs!

Leading up to the waxing room – love these cloud rugs!

-accepts credit cards
-usually can get last-minute appointments
-hard wax is used
-clean and fancy

Body’Minute (don’t ask me why there’s an apostrophe)

This is the complete opposite of my other go-to place. They have pop music playing and the rooms remind me of shower stalls in a public gym – space between the door and the floor. But, the price is right! They are done by body zone, and they have an abbonnement situation that I don’t partake in because my hair grows slowly and it’s only worth it if you go more than once a month. There are boutiques all over Paris and I’ve only tried the one near my apartment. The woman who works there is super nice and very fast.

-cash only
-strip wax
-clean but not fancy


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