Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette


Ok, this is a really obvious recipe but I’ve been LOVING this and I wanted to share. After a long, cold non-spring, the heat has arrived in Paris! I’ve taken to carrying sunscreen with me everywhere I go to try to remedy my weird tan lines. Lately, my diet has generally consisted of salads and other cold foods because after climbing six flights of stairs and standing in front of my pathetic fan for twenty minutes, I still don’t want anything hot anywhere near my body. Ugh, I miss the cold forest that is the Oakland hills in times like these!

One of my staples is inspired by a typical salad on menus at many French restaurants: salad greens with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, all drizzled with some sort of delicious vinaigrette. (I added the beans you see in the photo above.) Sometimes on the side there will be little toasts with goat cheese baked on them, and some jambon. It’s the perfect light dinner and I love ordering it when eating out, but lately I have been making it at home and it’s equally good! Before coming to France, I hated hard-boiled eggs and anything ham-like…a good change, I would say!

The dressing is simple. I use a cuillère à café (the smaller spoon used for sugar in coffee or for desserts, which I believe is about a teaspoon) to measure for just me. For more servings, use a cuillère à soupe (soup spoon, you guessed it right, you’re a genius!) and double or triple the proportions as needed.

Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

1 spoon Dijon mustard
1 spoon honey
1 spoon apple cider vinegar (or red/white wine vinegar)
2 spoons olive oil

Mix them up until emulsified. Assemble your salad, crack some black pepper on top, sprinkle with salt, and pour on the dressing. You’re done! Close your eyes, light a cigarette and let it burn next to you, and it’ll be exactly like you’re eating in a French café.

Good stuff!

Good stuff!


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