30 Things Before 30

Life goes by fast – I don’t want to wake up at 50 and realize I forgot to do all the stuff I wanted to do. I’m lucky that I’m not married and have no kids, so I can still do whatever I want! Now is the time to run around and live free! So, I made myself this list (about a year ago, so some things are crossed off) to remind myself of my goals and dreams. In no particular order:

1 move to France
2 get to a high level of French
3 begin learning Czech, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, or Portuguese, or any other language that strikes my fancy…
4 become more comfortable with the idea of eating fish | working on it – have tried shrimp and lobster and enjoyed them, have tried oysters, salmon and tuna and not enjoyed them
5 get a full-time job
6 start a choir
7 start a retirement account
8 learn to play the guitar | working on it – bought a guitar and have been practicing
9 be able to do 20 pushups
10 run a 1/2 marathon
11 do a swim race
12 write a book
13 go parasailing
14 bake bread
15 successfully plant something and not kill it
16 have my own kitty
17 own a Kitchenaid mixer
18 go backpacking again
19 visit a continent other than North America and Europe
20 be able to touch my toes
21 be paid for something I wrote
22 pay off most or all of my loans
23 find somewhere to volunteer continuously
24 own a Chanel purse
25 obtain a Master’s degree | working on it – have been accepted to a program in Paris
26 get laser eye surgery
27 find the perfect pair of jeans and buy like 20 pairs
28 get laser hair removal
29 be caught up to within a year of scrapbook vs. life
30 attend a music festival (ideally Outside Lands)

What is on your list?


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