Leaving in 2 days


Stressed about packing up to go home for two months.  I hate change and moving, so the week before going anywhere I am usually a mess, both in my room and in my head. Packing is a bitch, especially with those 7 flights of stairs to consider.  Myrtille has been so kind, lending me bags to move my stuff into their house then pack my suitcases there, and offering to drive me to the bus I will take to the airport.

Reflecting on…

My fun-filled weekend, including
[1] a lovely goodbye dinner with the au pair family at a restaurant called Chez Madeleine that serves Lebonese food. Amazing how French children behave like adults in restaurants
[2] an apartment-warming party for my friend Sophia and her husband Philippe
[3] a quick visit from my college friend Laurel

It was fun to have a roommate for a few days! 
[4] ran a 5k on Sunday morning
[5] a sunshine-filled afternoon celebrating Kelly’s birthday at Buttes Chaumont – I made one layer of the same chocolate cake with buttercream that I made for her and Bruno’s pacs party, and Phoebe made this amazing sweet potato flan/cake thing.  The two desserts were great together since they were so different! 
[6] Laurel, Kelly and I went to the  Grand Palais to see the animal exhibit.  I found a great work by Manet (Le rendez-vous des chats) that I would like to replicate for my wall. 
[7] we sat on the Seine and enjoyed the sunshine and waved at tourists on the passing boats. 
[8] watched the Italy-Spain soccer match (Spain kicked ass!)
[9] drank champagne and ate cheese with Laurel and French friends Stephane and Guillaume on the street

Listening to…

This great mix that I got for free!  It’s a nice packing soundtrack.  Other than purging my stuff, it’s the only nice part about packing.

Dreading leaving behind…

[1] Gabrielle.  She lost her other front tooth and just got the cutest little girl haircut (the kind where it’s sort of a bowl cut with bangs), so even just looking at her I want to cry from the cuteness. 
[2] Edgar.  He is still such a little boy, easily entertained with a hose in the garden or a ping pong paddle, with the most giant appetite and adorable freckles.  Probably the easiest 10 year old I have ever babysat. 
[3] My favorite boulangerie right near my apartment, and my favorite almond croissant from my #2 boulangerie down the street. 
[4] The fast internet in this apartment.  I will probably never find such speedy wifi in my life. 
[5] My view.  Again, not sure when I’ll have anything comparable. 

[6] having the Bois de Boulogne a simple 5-minute walk away.  I know I’ll come back next year, but it will be a longer journey so probably only on the weekends.

Excited to come back to…

[1] My parents and brothers.  No more skype dates for the next 2 months! 

[2] My friends.  I love them and can’t wait to give them hugs. 

❤ you guys

Some of my fave choir bffs


Ok sorry, this is getting out of hand…just one more!

We have a love/hate relationship

[3] My cats.  Dogs have been a nice substitute, but nothing compares to this bowl of tub…

MROW JIMMY I love you! Do you even remember me??

…or this fierce but loving hunter

He might look relaxed, but one false move and you will be SLICED

[4] In N Out, doughnuts, Mexican food, and widely available drip coffee. 
[5] The Hills, the swim club and gym that my family belongs to.
[6] My queen-sized bed. 
[7] The use of my parents’ giant kitchen.  This summer, stay tuned for cheesecake, vegan coconut cupcakes, a ton of peanut butter recipes I have bookmarked this year, and more!
[8] Cheap shopping at places like Target, drugstores, Old Navy, and thrift stores, using the dollar and not the euro! 🙂
[9] Trips to NYC, Portland, and Santa Cruz!

Ok, that was a nice distraction. Back to the suitcases!


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