I got this idea from a blog I read. She’s right, it is very satisfying to look at all your accomplishments this way!

Since I moved to France in September 2011, I have:

improved my French language skills
baked 5 cakes
invented some new recipes
ran 44 times (in 2012, don’t know about 2011)
walked up 7 flights of stairs approx 246 times
learned how to teach
learned how to make French press coffee
read 1.5 Charles Dickens books, 1 book in French, and a handful of other English ones
cultivated an appreciation for: beets, endives, ham, carpacccio, hard-boiled eggs, saucisson, fruit for dessert, pâté, radishes, chocolate (even more so)
missed people
had boy drama
saw 3 operas
sang in 2 concerts
sang 2 solos
painted my nails with little bows on them
went to parties where I didn’t know anyone
made new friends
kept old friends
told a group of French people they could f*ck me when I meant to say skip over me
fell in love with kids
learned how to discipline a kid in French
got bit by a dog
took taxis unnecessarily
told a butcher I wanted chicken “boobs” instead of chicken breasts
tried Chartreuse and Calvados
said “tu” when I should have said “vous”
drank champagne in the Champagne region
skyped with my faves at home
went on a trip to Italy alone
got home when the sun came up
was the victim of someone taking a picture up the bottom of my dress
began reading the news daily
got into podcasts
have a bit more of an idea of what career path to follow
wore out several pairs of shoes
bought a leather jacket
starting wearing pantyhose socks
danced in the street
went to 6 museums
got lost
paid for 2 international flights with my own money
been invited to my brother’s wedding
felt ennui
felt carefree and SO IN LOVE WITH FRANCE that…

I decided to COME BACK!

In September 2012, I will begin French classes at the Sorbonne. I am so excited to continue my adventures in France!

Now it’s your turn! What have you done this year?


3 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. this is absolutely great stuff! so, you are going back to France in the fall, eh? did you get a “job”?
    see you Thurs.

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