Paris Choral Society Concert

I want to tell you a little bit about my upcoming concerts this Friday and Saturday. If you are in Paris this weekend and you are looking for something to do, check us out!

It’s 20€ (10€ for students) and I promise it is well-worth your money. The Elgar piece, From the Bavarian Highlands, is like an old-fashioned version of modern-day pump-up/drinking/dancing in the club/party song. Once you hear the lyrics, you’ll want to get down on the dance floor – it’s the perfect pre-gaming activity for a Friday night!

“Come and dance a merry measure,
Quaff the bright brown ale my treasure,
Hark! what joyous sounds!”

“Dance, dance, for rest we disdain,
Turn, twirl and spin round again,
With my arm I hold thee!”
-From I. The Dance in From the Bavarian Highlands

In the classic Old American Songs by Aaron Copland, you will have the pleasure of watching a large group of adults acting like farm animals. Confused? Come to the concert and you will understand! Most of the songs will probably be familiar. They are so simple, but not boring. Copland managed to include so much complexity in the music without taking away from the true folk-song nature of it.

The Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzer (Love Song Waltzes), our only non-English piece, is a collection of love poems translated from Russian, Polish, and Hungarian songs into German. The translations will be in the program (both French and English), and I encourage you to read through them while we are singing. I am always astonished at how relevant love poems throughout the ages are to modern life – human emotion hasn’t changed that much. For instance, my solo (movement #7 Wohl schön bewandt war es) is about being ignored by a boy. When I sing it, I pretend I am myself at the age of 15, pining over a boy.

I have really enjoyed the rehearsal process of these pieces in the past few months. Each song is a gem of lovely lyrics, melodies, and harmonies. They were difficult to learn and put together at times, which will make them that much more satisfying to perform. I think the audience will find this concert to be quite accessible, even those with little experience with classical music.

So instead of buying a 10€ beer or two at some sweaty bar this weekend, come join me at the Paris Choral Society Spring concert!


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