Teaching Job Over. What next?

Can you believe that I am officially done with my teaching job? I knew it would go by quickly, but I am still sad that it is over, especially because in the past few months I have become much more comfortable in my position. I don’t feel like I got to do all that I wanted to do with my students. I will miss working with the teachers and hanging out with them in the staff room. I also don’t like change in general, so I’m upset that my daily routine of commuting and being in the school will be gone (although I won’t miss sitting on the metro for 2 hours every day).

I was given a peanut butter and jelly party in one class, and another class of only about 10 students surprised me with cupcakes and banana bread a few of them made, and a TON of beverages:

So much liquid sugar!

I was touched – it was so sweet!!

It sounds like I was extremely lucky to have such a great school to work in for the past 7 months. I have heard stories from my assistant friends that are contradictory to my experience in Levallois. This program is the opposite of organized and consistent, so there is no surprise there. I am just grateful that I got the long end of the stick (can you do that with that expression?) and was reimbursed for my Navigo pass, paid on time every month, and treated with respect and friendliness by all the teachers in the school. Yay! So, I am giving the program (TAPIF=Teaching Assistant Program in France) a good review and already applied to do a 2nd year of this program. But, if you or someone you know is looking into TAPIF, be warned that it doesn’t always work out like it did for me.

But, don’t delete this blog from your bookmarks yet! I am still going to be working as an au pair through June, and I have already started tutoring kids in English for extra money. Plus, with all my free time, I can start baking more so I will have some more recipes to share on here.

Wondering what my plan is after June? Join the club! I have some ideas for next year that I am playing with, so stay tuned…

Tomorrow morning, I am leaving Paris to head 2 hours north and meet Gabrielle, Edgar, and their grandmother at her house in Deauville, a small town in the Normandie region in the northwest of France. I suppose I will technically be working, but at this point the kids feel like my siblings so I am genuinely excited to spend the next four days with them! The only thing that I am not excited for is the weather; it’s supposed to be around 30 degrees Farenheit and raining the whole time. I would be more upset if I wasn’t going straight to ROME, ITALY on Friday night after I get back to Paris!! I will be there until April 30. I am traveling alone, but I will be meeting some friends for a few days here and there, so no need to worry!

I will be absent on sweetmaddy for awhile but back in May with an update about my vacances. Bon avril!


8 thoughts on “Teaching Job Over. What next?

  1. I can relate to how you feel about not getting to do everything that you wanted in the classroom. My student teaching experience is ending in 3 weeks and I feel the same way. There is never enough time as a teacher. If sounds like you ended on a positive note and the school was very lucky to have you. Safe travels and keep me posted about your plans! Miss you!

  2. Sweetmaddy, I just found your blog today; I love it! You share some great stories.

    I will be doing the TAPIF program next year, and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about your experience. If you are up to it, my email is brnels08@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

    Thanks and hope your week is going well!

  3. Hey, I will be doing this program this year and wanted to know what former participants thought of it. Where were you placed? I am in Paris. How was it living of of the salary they provided? and what was your housing situation like?


    • I was placed in Levallois right outside Paris. I worked as an au pair so the salary was perfectly livable. If you have to pay rent it’s really tight budget-wise. You can do the CAF which helps but I’d recommend having lots of savings and be ready to spend it if you aren’t going to be an au pair! Good luck!

      • Would you be able to recommend me to a family who is in the Au Pair program or a website where you met your family if you sed one? Also, did you find that being an Au Pair took away from times that you wanted to hang out, go out, travel..etc?

  4. Hey I was looking into this program also and I was wondering if you could also send me some information on how you found an au pair family and other information please.
    Could you please email me at mevollmar@stkate.edu

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