Scavenger Hunt/Chasse de Trésor

Last weekend was FABULOUS! On Friday night, I found the courage to wear my bright pink lipstick in public, and I met up with my friend Phoebe for a drink at Candelaria. That place has not disappointed me yet. This time I got a drink made with beet juice and St. Germain, complete with beet chip garnish. Genius.

But the most major part of my weekend was the CHASSE DE TRÉSOR (scavenger hunt) in Paris. A few months ago I received an email from another language assistant informing me that she was organizing a scavenger hunt for all the language assistants, as a way for us to all meet each other and have a good time in Paris. Being the major dork that I am, I immediately signed up. I am so happy I decided to take part, because Saturday was one of the best days ever!

It was simple: she created teams of 5 people and gave each of us a packet with 97 clues. Each clue was worth 10, 25, or 50 points. The more creatively we interpreted the clues, the more points we were awarded. We had to get photographic or videographic proof of the clues and send them into her as the day went on. We had 5 hours to get as many done as possible. Then all the teams reconvened at a pub to see which team won, receive prizes, and drink and eat bar food!

I will end the suspense now by announcing that MY TEAM WON!!!! It felt AWESOME to win, especially because the team in second place was about 100 points behind us! BOO YA! Our prize is tickets to a hit show: “How to Become Parisian in One Hour” (some sort of comedy show here) AND we got an extra drink for free at the team meetup at the end of the hunt on Sat night.

Below are some of my favorite clues that my team [Team SHOTS] completed! Although we were randomly placed together, we ended up having the perfect combination of historical and Paris knowledge, guts and confidence, creativity, and willingness to look ridiculous. [Note: I’m too technically UN-savvy to figure out how to post the cell phone videos we took on here, so you’ll have to imagine some of these. :(]

#5 – (video) Minimum 2 team members perform and earn at least 1 Euro on the street. I sang “Amazing Grace” and earned 50 centimes and 1 compliment. 16 years of singing experience right there, people!

#8 - Group photo with a tourist with a fanny pack

#12 – Je m’baladais sur l’avenue/Le coeur ouvert à l’inconnu/ J’avais envie de dire bonjour/À n’importe qui = The Champs-Élysées

#16 - 1 team member making a crêpe du sucre

#20 - Toute l'équipe devant un jardin verticale [The whole team in front of a vertical garden]

#20 - Toute l'équipe devant un jardin verticale/The whole team in front of a vertical garden

#21 - The Bard

#14 - Find an iconic striped shirt and #34 - 1 team member next to a/the "Thinker"

#46 – (video) minimum 3 team members stage a Kung-Fu battle on the sidewalk outside a prestigious hotel

#48 - (should have been the) Best Group Photo of Team Shots taking shots

#51 - Entire team's reflection in something other than a mirror

#52 - Vous êtes ici

#54 - 2 team members hugging a stranger

#59 – (video) A little kid singing “Frère Jacques”

#60 – (video) The whole team sings a famous song from a famous movie while standing in front of a movie theater We did the Titanic theme song.

#61 – (video) Minimum 2 team members doing the Macarena dance together in a very public place, with +5 points for every stranger who joins in. We got 15 German teenagers to dance with us outside the Louvre, earning us over 100 points! Here’s a picture of the video:

Everyone in the world knows this dance!

#63 – (video) At least two teammates hanging upside down on monkey bars singing the Marseillaise My first time on monkey bars in YEARS.

#64 – (video) an unknown couple telling the story of how they met We found a French man and a Thai woman who had been together for a year.

#74 - French toast

#89 - Knock knock knockin' on Paris' door

#96 - find the Plaque that marks the spot where Henri IV was stabbed while stuck in a traffic jam

Other of my favorite clues: 1 team member walking a stranger’s dog, Entire team: “I can’t believe we all fit in here!”, 1 team member fait la bise with a soldier carrying some heavy artillery.

The whole experience was so fun. I made some new friends, saw a new part of Paris, and was very daring all day. Can you imagine doing one in your hometown?


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