My music adventure

A few weeks ago, I went out alone because everyone I know here was out of town for the holidays! I was a little bit nervous that I would get bored or feel stupid, or worse, that I would get attacked in some alley or on the metro, but I ended up having a great time. Before I came here, I never would have been brave enough to venture out alone, but ever since I moved to a new country I have had to toughen up!

Well, the night was a success! I went to Point Ephémère to see a band from Oakland, Bare Wires, and they were super rockin.

Approaching Point Ephémère, next to the Seine.

Once inside, it felt like I had returned to the Bay Area! The only difference was that in addition to cheap beer, there was also cheap wine available.

In between bands

After the show, I saw the bassist outside and told him they were awesome, and also that I am from Oakland. They invited me to their green room to hang out! It turned out that none of them are actually from Oakland originally, but they all live there now. I forgave them because they are such nice guys. 🙂

The singer/guitarist. Such a rock star!

Love the leopard print 🙂

Our hair is similar so I wanted to document it.

I got home safely after a night of awesome music, beer, and new friends. I love that I am having new experiences like this that can definitely be filed in the “personal growth” and “confidence building” categories, even though I moved here to learn French.


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